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Tangerine Design is a Rotterdam-based creative agency. We create communication strategies and visuals for clients who make new choices. Choices meant to drive positive change in today’s world.

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corporate identity

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Well-defined strategy

We start by seeking deep understanding of our clients’ goals. The next step is to create resources that match their goals and make them achievable. Doing that calls for empathy and experience, but certainly also mutual respect.

Multidisciplinary thinking

In today’s diverse and dynamic world, seeking solutions from a single point of view is just not good enough. That’s why, for each of our clients, we build a multidisciplinary team of thinkers and doers who work together to create the change that the client wants to see.

Authentic design

Every design to some extent carries the imprint of the designer. Our own authenticity, our outlook on the place of people and organisations in the world, shows in our designs. It’s what makes them distinctive.

A unique identity

A visual identity reflects the sum of all the choices an organisation makes about what it wants to be. Our role is to imagine, visualise and express this unique identity. By doing so, we help our clients create the change they aspire to.