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In our current hyperconnected society, professional communication has become a highly complex discipline. Flexibility and expertise are key. That’s why we are a network agency, using the talent of experienced professionals grouped together in dynamic teams.

Who are we

The choice of experts is tailored to each client and their specific needs. This guarantees the best ideas, maximum agility and efficiency and minimum overhead.

The founder of Tangerine Design is Maryam Afshar. Maryam is a specialist in online communication, cross-media design, corporate identity, branding and communication consultancy. In 1993, she founded her own design agency, a traditional concept that earned a strong reputation in the market. With the foundation of her network agency Tangerine Design in 2007, Maryam proved her ability as a creative entrepreneur to move with the times.

Our team

Maryam Afshar: Creative director & founder
Roeland Jan Umans: Creative branding consultant
Carla Bakkum: Freelance writer, editor, translator
Peter Bosma: Researcher & content developer
Emile Efdee: Online & offline designer
Hemmo de Jonge: Icon designer
Marcel Molle: Photography
Gerco de Ruijter: Photography & Film
Urrebuk / Sander Alt: Animation
Rik Hoving: Image editor & dtp
Remco Hoff: Front-end developer
Sheila Tan: Web development
Tobias van Meggelen: Full-stack webdeveloper
PMS72: Web development
VDMi: Web development:
Ron van Oven: Print intermediary


Our approach


We are passionately curious. About our clients and what makes them tick. About their activities, their sector, their employees, their customers. About the change they’re striving to bring about. In general about what’s going on in the world. To us, each client relationship feels like a continuous journey of discovery, with new insights around every corner. Curiosity fuels our ideas.

Interpretation & ideation

Being humans, we naturally interpret what we see and hear. We form our own impressions and share them in all honesty with our clients. Do we get each other’s point? Do we believe in the same things? Then an inspiring process begins, in which we bring ideas to life by collaborating. By questioning and challenging each other. Moving together from insight to idea to concept.

Develop & experimentation

The next step is developing our concepts. We make prototypes, test them, invite feedback and act on it. This experimental approach leads to an evolution of resources. A process that we handle as professionals do. Flawlessly.

Our services

Communication & Advice

brand positioning
brand strategy
customer journeys/personas
identity management

Creative Strategy

creative concepts and development
branding and identity
content strategy


logo & visual identity
offline & online design
event communication & design
ux/ui design

Our client portfolio

Our client portfolio includes non-profit organisations and commercial businesses with an intrinsic drive to contribute in a positive way to their sector or society.

ACVZ, Anne Karin ten Bosch, Banenoffensief Vluchtelingen, DB Consult (Bureau voor internationale culturele samenwerking), Erasmus Paviljoen, Festival Atlas, Free Press Unlimited, GemeenteWerken Rotterdam, GJG GO, Green Wish, Hivos, Charlotte Huygens, En actie, NMO, Peter Bosma, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Roaring Films, Robuust, Roteb, Social Platform Rotterdam, Triple Jump, UAF, United, VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Wereldmuseum,

Platform Scenography, Edutainment For Youth, Roelianne Dijkstra therapie, gestalttherapie en coaching, Art of Living, Art Depot, BBA, Esther de Charon, Fonds voor Podiumprogramming, Generation R, Phenix Foundation, Theater Lantaren/Venster, Landelijk Bureau ter discriminatie, MBR, Meb Urbs Vie,  Joke van der Laan, Rotterdamse Raad voor Kunst en Cultuur, SAMS Stedelijke Advise, Sorgh & Hoop, Sociaal Platform Rotterdam, De Werkplaats Rotterdam, Robert de Nijs, Poetry Park, Dunya Festival, Rotterdamfestival, Stcihting vluchtelingen Den Haag, Stichting Riethof, Gevudo, First Morning, Radboud University, Aender, SHV, Onafhankelijk Toneel,

Curating Cinema, RKS, Peter de Grote festival, Gemeente Schiedam, Gemeente Dordrecht, Gemeente Papendrecht, Gemeente Rotterdam, RET, Mediamax, SWA, Thermometer, Podium, BECO, Van der Vorm, Wereldwijs, Stadhuis Rotterdam, Qua Talis, IM-Team, Hilde Vatstra, GGD Rotterdam, Gazelle book, COB, Nautilus, Milieudienst Zuid-Holland, Zavin, Directoraat-Generaal Rijkswaterstaat Z-H, Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Het Portaal, Rotterdam, MTE Rotterdam/Waterlife, Woningstichting Woonwaard, Krimpen a/d IJssel, JB Lorenz, GGD Rotterdam, …